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New 600 tons cefuroxime workshop was put into production, we will became the largest cephalosporin APIs suppliers in the world.
Obtained European GMP certificate; GMP approved (2010 Edition).
Reconstructed lyophilization workshop was put into production, new 600 tons cefuroxime workshop starts to build.
Reconstruct cefuroxime sodium workshops according to European GMP and GMP. The workshop’s annual capacity is increased to 600 tons and awarded GMP certificate by SFDA of Guangdong province.
Be approved as acceptable supplier by German Ratio pharm; Solvent recovery workshop with annual capacity of 450 thousand tons has been set up.
Annual capacity of oral APIs workshop is increased to 200 tons, and annual capacity of chemical workshop is increased to 250 tons.
New office building and QC labs has been established.
Cefuroxime sodium workshop’s capacity has been increased to 300 tons.
Cefuroxime Axetil workshop with annual capacity of 20 tons put into operation; our company has been named as “Guangdong Excellent High-tech Enterprises”
Second cefuroxime sodium workshop put into operation, cefuroxime sodium passed EDMF, and sold in European market.
Awarded as “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise” and “Guangdong Advanced Technology Innovation Enterprise”
Cefuroxime Acid and crystalline Cefuroxime Axetil workshop was put into production, the annual capacity of these two products is more than 60 tons; spray drying workshop 30 tons for oral APIs was put into production, this workshop can make 30 tons of oral APIs every year; Cefuroxime sodium API and Cefuroxime Axetil API workshop awarded GMP certification by CFDA.
Cefuroxime sodium workshop with annual capacity of 40 tons was put into production; at the same year we awarded as the first manufacturer of cefuroxime sodium by CFDA
Freeze-drying workshop with annual capacity of 50 tons was put into production
Cefazolin Acid workshop with annual capacity of 80 tons was put into production
Built first modern workshop
Titan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Guangdong) was established
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